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YachtWorld.com provides a website that’s the premier place to go looking for the fibreglass, wood, steel, or aluminium vessel that’s right for you. You can shop, compare, and indulge in a daydream or two on the way to finding your next boat. Launched in January 2008, YachtWorld.com Magazine offers a similar experience in a glossy, traditional medium with premium brokerage listings from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other and beyond. And along the way, we also tell some stories that invite you into the pleasure and the adventure that yachting offers.

* Bringing you the very best in yachts from both sides of the Atlantic
* Selected from the most exclusive brokers and dealers
* Practical advice on buying and selling – from international industry leading experts
* Yacht design insights and boat reviews
* Show Time - your guide to National and International shows and events
* Cruising and Charter features
* Broker Spotlight
* YachtWorld.com site news

Available in two formats, either a glossy printed paper edition via subscription, or a Free digital copy delivered to your desktop.

(The digital version offers additional powerful interactive features such as video clips, archiving, highlight notes etc)

Note: We are delighted to announce the addition of John Burnham to the magazine. John became Editor of YachtWorld.com Magazine early in 2009, at the same time that he was appointed Editorial Director of the websites, YachtWorld.com and Boats.com. He spent the previous 25 years as editor in chief of the leading sailboat racing and sailboat lifestyle magazines in the United States—Sailing World and Cruising World magazines. Outside of his working hours, John has spent much of his spare time on boats, large and small, cruising from Panama to Florida, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Maine, the Great Lakes, and California. He has cruised on bareboat charters in the Caribbean, and competed in sailboat races at a high level, including twice winning the International One-Design World Championships.

John’s intentions for YachtWorld.com Magazine are that it upgrade the narrative appeal of its sea stories, capitalize on its high-quality format and layout with ever-better photography, and become that much more useful to those who are buying or selling in the international market. “We’ve made a great start in our first year of publishing,” John says, “but I’m confident we can continually improve what we deliver on each page so that our readers constantly find nice surprises and, in the process, find awakened in themselves the excitement of what it could mean to spend more time on the water.”

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